Two Balls Studios

2BS described by its creator

Hi, I'm Andile Langa the man behind Two Balls Studios. Two Balls Studios or 2BS for short is a web develoment company and animation studio that was established in 2021.

It was founded through the efforts of myself and a good friend in the persuit of our ultimate goal. The goal to create a place where people can create and enjoy creating as well a place from which a revolution would stem one that would see the rise of new persectives and approaches with regards to the web develoment ecosystem. Who should make use of website? What purpose should they serve? How should they be aquired? And how much it should cost to use this creative medium?

It is my hope that Two Balls Studios can pioneer a new age of web development providing its clients with services that truly add value to their businesses in a novel and convienant way, whilst also bringing together creative people in order to produce innovative technologies that can be used to education, inspire and entertain. We want to change the world by pairing reality with imagination.



Digital Art

animted loader of ball bouncing